Advanta Limited is a group company of billion dollar agri.-input Indian Multinational Company "UPL Limited". "ADVANTA" is the first Indian multinational seed company with a global footprint, we have an active presence in Asia, Australia and Latin America & United States. We spearhead with Molecular marker technology in some crops, while building up value added biotech traits through seeds. Across the globe, we enjoy leadership position in Hybrid Rice, Corn, sorghum and Sunflower. In India, our strengths lie also in Rice, Corn, Millet, SF and Mustard with our brand 'Advanta' and 'Golden Seeds' in Cole Crops and Vegetables. Our strong research and development capabilities in genetics provide us with a critical edge in the market to develop innovative products.

Research And Development:

We have a dedicated research and development team of over 220 employees worldwide who are focused on the development of new or improved proprietary hybrids based on their research. Advanta‘s global vision is to drive sustained growth with world class genetics and innovative technology. Our aim is to become a global hub for creating products that are used worldwide. We are committed to offer full crop solutions to the Indian farmer, because his growth lays our country's growth.

Our Group Co's:

Advanta group companies PACIFIC SEEDS, Australia, GARRISON TOWNCEND, USA and ALTA SEEDS, USA are having very good germplasm and very good market share in Multi-cut and single cut forges. Advanta present in all different segments of forages like seasonal, geographical and Nutritional segments.

Latest Technology:

With the global dairy industry ramping up, and new processing technology introduction, dairy industry is becoming very good profitable business. Indian dairy industry is lacking of nutritional dietary through that leads to low milk productivity. Advanta is one of the leaders in forage crops globally. India we have introduced high nutritional forage crops like JUMBO, NUTRIFEED, and SUGARGRAZE for green feeding and silage feeding.

Advanta forages are very good in palatability, Digestibility and with very high protein. The adoptability is very good across India and suitable for all the seasons. Our forage crops are drought tolerance and very high bio-mass yielder.

Global Breeding Programs:

Advanta has affiliated sorghum breeding programs in Australia, The United States of America and Argentina which have produced a number of high yielding, high sugar and high juice extraction hybrid. These are highly suitable as an ethanol feedstock and also for livestock production as well. As new technology for ethanol production develops to utilize cellulose, sweet and forage sorghums with very high biomass production combined with high sugar and low lignin (BMR types) are ideal for this purpose. There are a lot of opportunities for agriculture and bioenergy. Advanta and its associated companies are spending a lot of time and effort on researching hybrids and farming systerms to develop the hybrids which are suitable to make dairy and agriculture industries profitable.