Agronomy & Management


Deep and well drained loam & soils are best for this crop. It is very susceptible to acidic soil, therefore, it cannot be grown in soil with pH below 6.5 unless lime is applied. Liming should be done after getting soil samples analysed for pH one month before seeding.


per 1 Acre-

Nitrogen – 25 Kg
Phosphorus – 30 Kg as Basal application
And 25 kg Nitrogen after every cut

Sowing time:

Best time of sowing is from 2nd fortnight of September to end of November.

Seed rate and method of sowing:

Seed rate – 6 to 8 kg per Acre
Spacing - Rows to Row - 40 cm

Because of their hard seed coat, seed should be soaked overnight in water before seeding. It must be inoculated with rhizobium culture, if the seeding is going to be done for the first time in any field.


First irrigation should be applied about a month after sowing. The subsequent irrigations may be given at an interval of 15-30 days depending upon weather conditions. During rainy season, water should not be allowed to stagnate.


The newly grown crop is usually ready for first cutting in about 45 to 50 days after the seeding depending upon the altitude. The subsequent cuttings may be taken at intervals of 30 to 40 days. If may give, on an average, 350 quintals green fodder per hectare per year.