UPL/ Advanta Range and Pasture Grasses

Need and Benefits from Range & Pastures

  • To improve de-graded lands.
  • To Control soil erosions.
  • To make grass available to the grazing cattle.
  • To maintain the fodder reserves for the rural cattle.
  • To produce cost effective high nutritional fodder.


  • Huge land bank is around 500 to 700 mm rainfall.
  • Waste and baron lands and all kinds Soils.
  • Low fertility and low moisture lands across all the states.
  • Land erosion and degradation is one of the big problems in some of the states.
  • Available fodders are very low in palatable and digestion.

Advanta Products strength

Tropical Grass

Malato – II – Hybrid Brachiaris

Katambora – Rhodes Grass

Spenda – Sataria

Temporary Grass