Benefits of Sugargraze/PAC 746/PAC 751 "Silage"

1.Highly digestible

2.Nutritives than other fodders

3.Delicious for Animals

4.Easy and economical

5.Long healthy life

6.Balance nutrition round the year

7.Increase milk and fat%

How to make"SILAGE"

1.Selection of the Silage Hybrid:

Yield Potential and Quality Characters





Crop Duration-Fodder Purpose days 72-80 125 100
Crop Duration-Dual Purpose days 90-110 110 115
Seed Rate per Hectare-Kg 12.5 25 25
Spacing-In cm 45*20 45*20 45*20
Green fodder yield (t/ha) 13-15 75 75
Crude Protein(%) 10 11 11
Dry Matter(%) 30 30 29
Sweetness-Brix %(In Cob) 16%*18% 12% 12%

Silage Suitability

Very Good Very Good Very Good
Grain Yield/Cob-Mt/Ha 5 Upto 8 Upto 7.5
Extra income Rs.per Ha 50000 80000 60000

2. Construction of Silage Pit / Bunkers:

» Selection of Suitable site

» No. of animals

» Bunker size

» Availability of crop for silage

Note : Bunker length, width and height can be designed according to needs.

Bunker Design

Area (acres) Production (ton) Length(ft) Width(ft) Height(ft)
2 40 - 50 25 15 6
5 150-170 50 15 6
10 250-280 85 25 6
15 380- 450 100 25 8

3. Right time for crop harvesting:

‘Sugargraze’ and PAC 746/ PAC 751 Corn Harvesting crop at proper moisture and maturity is critical for Elimination of oxygen in the silage mass Providing sufficient water soluble carbohydrates(sugars) to drive the fermentation process to completion .For silage, Sugargraze/ PAC 746/ PAC 751 should be at 65% to 70% moisture. PAC 746/ PAC 751 silage corn grain should typically be at half milk line and whole plant moisture at 64%. Kernel processing is advised on corn silage because:

  • It improve starch availability.
  • It improve digestibility of silage.
  • It improve the quality of fermentation.
  • It may improve pack density.

Chop Length : While chopping the crop it should be 2.0 cm to 2.5 length.Short chopped silage may be harder to feed at high inclusion levels in a ration because physically effected fiber is critical for rumen health. Longer chopper silage will be harder to pack.

4.Compaction and Seasing :

Packing is one of the most critical elements of making quality silage .Poorly packed silage will have extended plant celll respiration resulting in an increased loss of digestible nutrients.

5.Silage Feeding :

Silage will be ready to feed after 30 - 40 days. Good silage is brownish in color and gives vinegar like smell. Important point to be taken care while silage feeding.

Silage Compactor Cum Baler
Orkel 2000 MP-New Technology in Silage Making

Main advantages





-Excluding oxygen
-Volume Reduction
-Specific weight increase
-Homogenous unit package

-Easy stacking
-safe storage anywhere
-Long term protection
-Environment friendly

-film on film
-Excluding oxygen
-No losses
-Environment friendly
-Easy handling
-Bales on pallets
-In container
-By lorry
-By ships
-Easy on/off