Technology Transfer:

1. Wada Hamara Saal Bhara chara….. - 365 days X 24 hrs high nutritive Green Fodder

2. Silage Making

3. Hay Making

4. Forage Seed details and Agronomy

5. Sowing schedule

Advanta assures all India dairy farmers for green fodder availability throughout the year. We supply the suitable seed to the farmers for season specific and quality fodder specific required by the farmer. We can supply segment specific seeds as legumes, cereals and grasses. Cattle can eat mouthful and stock full fodder every day with Advanta fodder seed fields…

For Assured Forage Supplies –

Planning for 365 days Fodder:

Forage crops should be planned according to the season and requirement of the animals. In India the cropping pattern will be like 3 seasons

  • Spring (Pre- Summer)
  • Kharif (Rainy)
  • Rabi (Winter)

Requirement of the green fodder can be planned with the available the best fodder crops with multi-cut character.

Crop January February March April May June July August September October November December
Cereals/ Nutrifeed sowingsowingsowing
Harvest HarvestHarvestHarvestHarvestHarvestHarvest
Grasses/ Legumes HarvestHarvestHarvest sowingsowingHarvest

This planning will give 365 days’ green fodder. But the sowings will be in only 5 months. This is the best sowing method which can help the dairy farmer in reducing feeding expenses and to improve the milk production with good health conditions of the herd. Cereals and Legumes can be a balanced ration for the dairy farm. Managing commercial dairy farms with only green fodders is very difficult so all commercial dairies can go for fodder bank concept which can assures the required quantity of quality fodder at dairy thought the year..