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Advanta India and Barenbrug, USA are partnered in India for better turf and forage management. Barenbrug world class research and product development launched new forage and Turf products which suitable for India. Advanta is the joint venture partner for the commercial sales and new product development in India for Barenbrug. In 2011 Advanta and Barenbrug jointly launched a forage product called MAKKHAN GRASS for cool season and northern states.

Regarding TURF in Barenbrug words..

Barenbrug USA is a branch of the Royal Barenbrug Group, the largest privately owned grass seed company in the world. The Barenbrug Group has 20 corporate facilities in 12 countries located on five continents. Our company is known for many special traits including longevity, quality, capacity for research and innovation. For more than 100 years, Barenbrug’s experience in the grass seed industry – the partnerships we have established and the effectiveness of our marketing – has contributed to a strong global reputation. At its core, the Barenbrug Group concentrates on leadership in the research, production, marketing and sale of innovative grass seed products. That focus and determination are evident in the solutions we develop for the turf industry, whether for world-class golf fairways and greens, sports turf, professional landscape or residential lawns.

Our research and development covers all the major U.S climate zones, often working closely with leading universities and private institutes. We like to think that, when it comes to grass seed, you can’t find a better, more committed and reliable supplier than Barenbrug. We’re working hard to sustain that reputation for another100 years!

  • GOLF
  • SOD

Advanta and Barenbrug JV can supply the high quality seed for Turf/ Golf/ Lawn/ Soil Erosion Control purpose in bulk as well as in small packing. Our joint venture can able to educate the turf managers and the persons are interested in green grass maintenance.

The products that we can supply:

  • Bermuda Grass
  • Perennial Ryegrass
  • Annual Ryegrass
  • Bent Grass